Bad dreams at Christmas? Not while The Charlatans are around!

So, I’ve wrapped my Christmas prezzies and written my cards (just need to send them off). So I think I’m ready for x-mas! It’s my last day in school tomorrow, and only half a day too which is awesome. My sister is home from uni now as well so everything is really good at the moment. Though times are emotional I guess. Last little bit in my school and doing all these exams. It’s kinda a hard time!
I keep having all these weird dreams too. They’re all about death and like … nothing happening once you die. And then I wake up and keep thinking angels are around my bed and I kinda see their shadows on the ceiling. It’s weird!!  Their wings are like huge and they seem to be over my bed? I don’t know. I had a dream about Joseph Coward the other night too. That was good. It was an O’Genesis gig and we got to talk to Joseph all night. Hah, if only dreams were true!
Music for tonight has to be The Charlatans. They are the soundtrack of my life at the moment (well, have been for around three years now?) and I can’t seem to get enough of them! I also love Tim’s solo album too. And his song ‘We all need love’ is so beautiful! So check him out and check them out, seriously … they are amazing!
The Charlatans
Tim Burgess

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