Supermarket, Christmas, Fanzine?

Heyy, It’s been a while guys! I’m so sorry, I said I’d try and post more often it’s just I’ve had tons of mock exams and revision; it’s been crazy! I have soo much to tell you people too!
Firstly I got lost in a supermarket. Which is highly embarrassing. My mum sent me walking around to find some random food and I went and got it. Then when I turn back round my mum is nowhere to be seen. So I think right, I’ll walk down the aisles and I’ll eventually bump into her! But no. I was walking up and down for ten whole minutes searching for her and she was actually nowhere. So I thought I’d ring her! But I forgot to take my phone hm? So yeah! It was kinda an epic fail. So I went to this guy who worked there and like, I was taller than him, and I just went ‘I’ve lost my mum’. He kinda looked at me as if I was taking the mick. But then I think he realised I was being serious. So he took me to the front of the shop and we started on our treck looking for my mother. He got me to describe her too! And he even asked if she had a trolley or a basket! Haa it was so embarrassing! I did find her eventually and she kinda didn’t believe me that I had been through this mass struggle to find her. It was an entertaining night!
Then I’ve been getting all Christmassy! We now have all the decorations up and it’s so lovely! I have this advent calendar and its Cadburys so it’s really awesome! And now it’s what .. the 14th? And I’ve only had 5 designs! Me and my mum are waiting for a drum to come up but there hasn’t been one. I think they’re all just the same designs from now on haha. Have any of you guys had a drum? Or are they just not in advent calendars this year?
Plus!! I’ve been writing my fanzine and it’s almost finished! I’m really excited about it. There is an article on O’Genesis and an interview with Joseph Coward. Then there is some of my thoughts and feelings on some songs, kinda like a review page! And a bit about David Lynch (As that’s the charity I’m aiming it to be dedicated towards). So it looks really cool! And I have a name for it and a little logo! Haha, sorry people! I get excited about things like this. But yeah, I’m hoping to send it to Joseph himself which is amazing, and I wanna try and get it in a few shops … So I hope it turns out good!
Thanks guys for reading and sticking with me through my ‘unposting’ days! It’s almost the holiday so I hope to post a little bit more often. And my exams are over now too so I have all the time in the world to write these blogs … well kinda! Hehe I’ve been drawing a lot recently too so I hope to post some of that up. My little cartoons of the people in O’Genesis haha! Crazy days!
Thanks x

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