O’Genesis Update!!!

‘We work with bands we love’ a quote by Jim Spencer (one of the producers of the record). Like Tim Burgess said … I think this quote sums up the label.

O’Genesis is a record label formed by The Charlatans front man, Tim Burgess; Factory Floor’s Nik (Void) Colk; Nick Fraser and Jim Spencer. The label was produced so that musicians Tim Burgess loves could release their records and get their music heard.

The label consists of, so far, four bands/solo artists, all dark and all mysterious. The first to be signed and the voice of the label is Gen001 – Joseph Coward. He is a talented 19 year old songwriter who is passionate about music. His sets are stripped back to him and his guitar, though he has recently recruited a drummer that plays with him at various gigs. Joseph’s first debut single was ‘Jesus Christ’. A song with a hidden metaphor about how far a friend would go. His voice has a likeness of Morrissey and has elements of Arthur Russell. He is truly devoted to his song writing and his latest release ‘If you want to get going (get talking to me)’ has pure emotion. You can tell there is a deep meaning behind all of his songs.

The next to be signed was a band Gen002 – Electricity in our homes. The band is made up of Paul Linger (drums), Charles Boyer (guitar/ vocals) and Bonnie K (bass/ vocals). Their first single with this label was ‘Aching, Breaking, Shaking For You’. The song was clearly influenced by David Byrne. They are one of the most talked about and influential acts in London and intend on going far!

The third band to join the O’Genesis label Gen003 – The Replicas. These are an enchanting and ‘moody’ girl band that consists of Helena Gee (vocals/ guitar) and Ashiya Eastwood (vocals/ guitar/ keyboard). One of their songs released on the record is ‘Open arms’ and they have just released an EP. Their sets are dark and intriguing, and their voices almost ‘angel’ like. They have been compared to War Paint but even so, they are truly unique.

The final person to be signed so far is Gen004 – Jack Underwood. He is completely different to the rest signed to this label as he is a poet. Many of his poems have been published in books and he has taken part in lots of events including national poetry day. On this day, he released one of his poems with O’Genesis. You will be able to see him live at Kendal Calling 2012.

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