It’s been a while you guys ….

Hey youuu people! It’s been a while …
I have been dreadfully ill these past few days so I’ve not really updated that much, really sorry guys!! I’ll try and get back into it. Not much to report today! I’ve not really done much haha.
Went into town and started my Christmas shopping! Got my Secret Santa sorted so that’s exciting!! Me and my mum bought like over 100 cards too, which is crazy!! I also made a chocolate cake today. It’s kinda like a rocky road! And they’re so awesome. The problem is, is that I added a few extra grams of biscuit (all of … 150 grams extra!!!) so it might be kinda dry haha… oh well! I haven’t tried it yet … hopefully it will be alright! But the cake itself is amazing! They taste so nice. It’s just like a block of dark chocolate that is full of biscuit and fruit and nuts.
It’s Joseph Cowards Birthday tomorrow! So a huge happy birthday to him haha. I sent him a card and it arrived! So that was really exciting! Apparently it’s the first one he has got this year too. Bless.
I’m looking forward to Christmas now! Over the past few weeks I’ve really gotten into the Christmassy mood! I’ve watched a few films and a tree down the road from me has been put up! It’s so lovely and cosy haha. The weather has changed too over the past week too! It’s turned to winter. I love it though; getting all dressed up in scarves and gloves. It’s so awesome!
I’ve been given a project to write a ‘lively article’’ on a famous person for teenagers and I really don’t know what to write! I don’t know anything about celebrities! I’m only into like … older celebrities or obscure ones, so writing about someone in the lime light will be a huge challenge! I’ll have to post it up once it’s done and you guys will have to tell me what you think about it! I don’t know who to choose though. My friend was going send me a list of good people to write about? But she hasn’t so that’s a fail!
Haha I love how my blogs are getting longer with each one I write! I’m sorry for not updating recently; being ill has just stopped me from doing everything. I’ve not really moved from the couch or from the kitchen table where I’ve been revising!
I’m off to Preston tomorrow, and this next week will be awesome as we’re only in school for two and a half days due to the strikes and an inset day! That means more guitar practise teehee! I’m currently trying to play ‘Jesus Christ’ by Joseph Coward and ‘When September Ends’ by Green Day! It’s so hard but kinda fun!
Thanks for keeping with me whilst I’ve not been that active! I’ll try and post up as much as I can from now on. But my mocks and things are coming up so they might not be as long as this one hehe!
Have an awesome evening! x -follow me on twitter if you haven’t already @O5W7O  hehe, thanks peeps!!
Joseph Coward – Jesus Christ
When September Ends – Green Day

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