You strum my naked heart strings

Hey people!! I totally got a guitar! Well sorta. My auntie works in a school, see, and she got one from there for me to practice on for a while! But yeah! It’s so nice and sounds really awesome! I don’t even know if it’s in tune or not yet, but I’m going to have a bit of a lesson tomorrow so hopefully by tomorrow evening it will be all set up and ready to go! I already know a C chord!!
My temp guitar.
In science the other day we had to dissect a heart! My friend said she’d buy me one cause they sell them in threes and she bought the pack of three in a week early! And miss had to freeze them. Then we had to wait an extra three days till Monday! So these hearts were waiting in the fridge for 10/11 days haha! They were totally out of date by the time we were chopping them up and they stunk! It was interesting though, we saw all the different parts of the heart!
Here’s the dissected heart … Our amazing cutting skills.
Last night I went to a Life art class. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. But I had to draw this old woman … who was naked. Haha! It was kinda full on though, she just stood there right in front of us. I took the pictures into school today and asked my art teacher what she thought and she said they were okay! But I think they look dreadful! We had two 5 mins to draw a sketch and then a 30 min to draw a more detailed sketch and then the final sketch was 40 mins. It was alright! I’m going tonight to a tutorial on how to draw the body in proportion and to do the correct shading. Apparently the model tonight is a tall, muscular man haha! So we’ll see hmm! I bet he’s 70 odd though!!
My sexy pictures of Irene!
I have decided that I’m going to write my fanzine and dedicate it to the Lynch Foundation! I thought it would be a nice twist to it.  I just need an interview with Joseph Coward and then add a few final touches and it should be done! I don’t really know how to get it on the internet yet! I’d like it to have a site of its own so you guys can view it, but I haven’t got a clue how to make one! Haha I’ll write a blog soon on the Lynch Foundation so you guys know what it’s all about. Can’t wait to see if this magazine/internet idea actually kicks off! It’d be amazing! Hehe
Music for today is this new band! I’ve been told to listen to them by one of my mums friends. They’re called Fleet Foxes and are actually alright! So yeah! Take a listen! C: Sorry my blog has been quite long tonight! I just needed to update you all on my happenings! Haha Thanks for reading xx

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