Beady Eye

Heyyy! I went to a Beady Eye concert the other night. Oh My Gawwd! It was amazing! We got there early, and in the queue to get in, every guy was a mini me of Liam Gallagher! They all had his hair cut and were all wearing pretty green or a parka, it was kinda funny! When we went in we were a couple of people back from the front, it was an ace view and everyone seemed kinda alright! Then, these guys behind us started to become kinda loud and a bit scary, and then they chucked like a whole cup of beer right in our direction. It was freezing and went all in my hair! So me, my sister and my mum decided that we’d move. But by this time we were soaked through! We went further to the left and still had a pretty good view but again the crowd got a bit scary again and started to throw piss around -.- I got completely saturated. So we moved a few people back!
The support act was pretty good! They were called the Hippy mafia! I’ve never heard of them before Friday but they were amazing. And the guy was so full of himself … but he was awesome! Then Liam came on and the crowd went crazy! He was amazing too! And his vocals were so good! I didn’t really know what to expect from him cause I’d heard rumours that he wasn’t very good live … but he was awesome!
It was kinda near the end of the gig and like 5/6 people had been carried out and stuff. And I look behind my sister at this dude and he is totally taking a piss behind her! It was disgusting. And then he missed the cup and like it went all down my sister’s leg hahaha! Made me giggle a bit. But yeah! The floor was like one huge puddle of piss and beer it was horrible! I was like dancing in it and it was all splashing up at my ankles! Ewww. But apart from the crowd being a bit scary! The night was amazing! I got a Beady Eye t-shirt too which is soo nice!
Check out this vid that has been recorded from the night C:

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