Heyy! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been so busy studying for my exams! It’s been so crazy lately. I have my GCSE Maths coming up next week and then all my sciences and everything! It’s just going way too fast and everything is getting on top of each other! So yeah, I’m sorry about not blogging recently!
I don’t really know where I’m up to on this blog, so I guess I’ll start with last Friday/Saturday when I went to Leeds! It was an awesome couple of days as I got to see my sister after like six weeks hehe! It doesn’t sounds too long but when you’ve not seen your best friend for that amount of time, it’s like … forever and a day! So it was really awesome to catch up!
We went shopping on Friday and explored the City for a while. It’s a really nice place and they have some awesome kooky shops! I found this whole shop that was just purely Anime and Comics! It was like .. woahh! Haha and then I found this awesome record shop! And like went kinda crazy there. They had a whole section on The Charlatans! I’ve never seen that before! So Whilst I was there I thought it would only be smart to buy a few of their albums and singles. I also got some Stone Roses and The Kaleidoscopes. The owner of the shop was really nice too! He had like originals of everything so when you bought a record not only did you buy the sleeves and things he gave you the original plastic covers and books and he even threw in some posters for me! It was truly awesome! So yeah, over all I think I bought around six records!
The Kaleidoscopes
Then we went clothes shopping but after buying a book from the comic store and some records I didn’t really have much else to spend! But it was nice just to walk around and catch up with my sister. In the evening we had a meal out and then went back to my sisters flat where I met all of her friends! They seem really nice! Crazy, but really nice! We kinda chilled for the night and just sat around! This guy bought in like a smoking machine thing. I don’t really get it but apparently it’s like smoking a cigarette just that it produced more smoke so you can make ‘’ O’s ‘’ with it hehe! He was really clever too cause he could actually make circles with the smoke! Then me and my sister went to watch a film in her room. We found a really nice looking one on youtube and started watching it, but there was only half of the film so it was kinda a huge fail!
In the morning we were up kinda late and my parents arranged to meet us within half an hour! We went and got lunch out and then shopped for a little while again. Then nearer the end of the day we headed off back home. Over all it was a really nice couple of days!
Me and my sister! haha (We look sooo bad on this!)

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