Thursday’s Blog!

Sorry people! This blog was meant to be posted up on Thursday! I wrote it, I just didn’t post it up! Ooops! Hehe

Thursday’s blog: (sorry!!)

Guysss!! A tiny bird just flew into the window and nocked itself out!! Haha, poor thing. My dad is like holding it and it seems to be okay! It’s really sweet. I’ll take a photo for you!

Today I’ve been goodies shopping for tomorrow as I’m in Leeds visiting my sister! I’m so excited to see her! Apparently we’re carving pumpkins so it should be awesome xD! And I get to go shopping too! It’s going to be a good weekend. Not much has happened today though. I’ve again, been sat doing homework! It’s so hard. Our teacher seems to of given us more than she did in the summer; Life’s not fair haha. 

My mums car has gone to get fixed cause the back of it was all scratched -.-. So when we went to collect the car, the back of it that had been replaced was a completely different shade of yellow to the original colour … fail! But now she’s left it in, so I guess I’ll be walking to school on Monday! 

I am totally into this band at the moment! They’re called Mando Diao and have been around for a while. I think they’re pretty cool so yeah! Here’s one of their songs ‘God Knows’. 

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