Okay, so it’s been a pretty dull day today! I’ve been sat in doing homework for the majority of it! Winter is finally here though. And my feet are freeeezing! I need to invest in some slippers teehee. It’s good though, I like the change of the seasons! And winter is awesome! I love the whole, dark nights and getting all wrapped up! And then if you’re driving past houses at night time all the lights are on and everything is just cosy! It’s a good season, and I guess Christmas makes it ten times better too! I remember last year when it snowed my back garden looked so pretty! I’ll put a picture up of my pond! It looked so cool!
I’ve also heard that Joseph Coward is off recording today with Cura Machines! So hopefully they will be releasing an EP very soon! I don’t have much else to tell you guys today! Sorry for the short blog haha I should think the next one will be a bit longer!
Music today is this new band that I’ve just been introduced to by my friend! They’re called Where’s Strutter and are kinda cool! So here’s one of their songs, hope you like ‘em!

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