Abseiling Teacher?

I’m so sorry that I haven’t blogged for a while; I have been so busy doing revision and preparing for exams!  But there hasn’t really been much to report on. Our head teacher had crazily decided to abseil from a crane that’s building our ‘’new school’’ so that was funny! We were all watching him climb over the side of the crane and everyone was chanting his name. Bless him! He’s crazy but it was such a random moment. Then I’ve had an injection! Which really hurt and my arm is like dead haha but that’s okay! I can put up with it I guess. This week has been stupidly busy with exams and things too! We’ve had something important at least each day of this week! I can’t wait for the holidays where I can just sleep and do nothing. I’m going to Leeds though in the holidays! Seeing my sister and apparently we’re making pumpkins for Halloween! I can’t wait to see her!
My abseiling teacher!
Today I found out that I can’t go and see The Stone Roses, which is a bit of a downer but it’s alright! My dad says he’ll take me to see their cover band in Preston haha! I bet they’re better live anyways. But yeah! I guess I shall have to wait until they tour again … I won’t be that long I hope! I’ve heard that they might be bringing out some new stuff too! So that’s exciting. I found out too that my ex head teacher (not the abseiling one :P) was their support act way back in the 90’s! I was like Woooww haha amazing times.
I’ve also finished my picture of Liam Gallagher! It looks ace, I’m so happy with it! I’ve done him in the style of Andy Warhol, so when they’re stuck together I’ll take a picture and show you! It’s so cool. I’m going to see him in November too! Which is amazing. I totally can’t wait for that either! It’s my last day tomorrow before I break up! So I hope it’s a good day, though I have my final English mock! At least all is done before the half term!
I don’t know what music to put up … I would put The Stone Roses but they’ve appeared on this blog far too often! So I guess it will have to be Factory Floor! I’ve come to the conclusion that I unintentionally dress and look like Nik Void! I don’t know if it’s a good thing but I think its kinda cool haha! Anyways, here is FF!

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