Random Update!

Hey guys! I’m sorry; I’ve not posted for a while! I had a day off on Friday and I literally sat and watched 5 episodes of Dexter, you should totally watch it; it’s awesome. I then did some art and found out a lot about Andy Warhol, he has a really interesting history. In the evening I went to the gym, which I haven’t been to in a while! But it was good to catch up with my friends and talk about random stuff.
Saturday I went into town and bought some legwarmers for this winter teehee! I also got some new boots which are so nice. Then I spent the afternoon at my grans helping her with some cleaning. When I got home we all walked round to my uncles and we spent the evening there. It was a really cool day!
Today I was at my neighbour’s twin’s christening, they’re so adorable! I ate loads of cake and hot pot hehe. Then this evening I’ve watched like another load of Dexters, gee I think I’ve watched like eight in the matter of two days haha! Not much else has happened!
I found out that The Stone Roses may be getting back together, and heard that they’re already selling tickets for gigs! So that would be amazing; I so hope it happens and isn’t some hoax. Alsooo, Joseph Coward’s new stuff is out on the 31st of October! Which is very exciting!! But yeah,  that’s about it! Thanks for reading guys C; x
The Stone Roses

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