Joseph Coward, Joseph Coward and more … JOSEPH COWARD

Hey guys! So I don’t have much to update you on! These past few days not much has happened. Me and my friend named an ant that was invading our table after Joseph Coward, then we trapped it in an island surrounded by water muhaha. Though it wasn’t there today so I think Joseph survived (I hope he did!) Also, I joined the JCFC (Joseph Coward Fan Club) which rules! The person who came up with it is even making little badges which is so adorable…  I think you should all join! We need to spread the Joseph love teehee! He’s awesome.  Then today in school, I was waiting outside an RE classroom and on the wall right in front of me, there was Gen 1. Har! I was like Ooooh! So I took a picture of it for you guys! Joseph Coward is everywhere 😮
I’ve also made a tumblr, find me at, I think I shall be saying roughly what I say on here! But it’ll be worth checking out; I already have 2 followers haha! What a fail.
So tonight I need to do some homework and then I shall be writing my fanzine up! There’s one last article to do and then an interview with …. Joseph Coward! But that will be done when his new songs are out! Exciting times. Then hopefully I can post this thing places and we’ll see what happens hmm!
Song for today has to be ‘’The Beat Goes On’’ by Beady Eye. It’s been in my head all day! Only a month until I’m seeing them live, it’ll be amazing. The problem is though is that Liam has been diagnosed with acute pharyngitis … I hope he gets better, and I hope the gig isn’t cancelled!
So here is the song! Enjoy x

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