Christmas and Joseph Coward

Okay, so it is exactly 78 days till Christmas. My friend has given me a challenge to write all of my Christmas cards and hand them out in November! I’ll look like some freak haha, but I might do it; it would be funny. She’s also told me to write a Christmas list. Tim Burgess is on the top of that ^^ hehe! I have to say that I lied to you guys today! I didn’t do any revision or any sleeping which is bad, but instead I made a Daily Booth! The link to that is: … I’ll probably booth as much as I blog but check it out, it’s going to be good.
Also some other news, which I only found out about today, is Joseph Coward’s single is out on a free download. If you want to hear it and get it (Which I really recommend you do cause its ace!) Then click here, and hopefully that should take you to the site hehe. But yeah, it’s called ‘Somewhere Underwater’; I really like it.
I don’t have much else to update you guys on. Nothing much has happened this evening except I went food shopping and that’s about it! Music for tonight has to be Stevie Moore’s cover of ‘Timothy’. Haha the song makes me laugh every time I listen to it! It’s about three guys stuck in a mine and two of them decide to turn against Timothy and eat him so that they survive. The funny thing is, is that when the song was released in the 60’s it got really bad press as it is about cannibalism, so the people who wrote it (The Buoys) tried to claim that ‘Timothy’ was a mule, haha! Crazy!! Anyways, here is Stevie Moore’s cover! Hope you like the song.

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