Live it like you love it!

Hellooo! Just checked my blog stats for the first time today! And I’ve seen that you guys reading this are from all over the world!! So yeah, hi you people and thank you for reading my blog! I’m kinda excited about this now, hehe!!
Today has been alight. I found it really hard to get up this morning as I’m not sleeping so well. I woke up last night at around 3ish and my arm was like, in the air!!^^ But, it must have been like that for a while as it had gone completely numb, so I didn’t realise it was my arm for like a few seconds haha! It freaked me out!!  We had Maths, English, PE, and Science today. So it’s been kinda boring. Though, in Science, we were given play dough and we didn’t really know why … it was something to do with electrons? But anyway, we just made cute little monsters. It was fun haha!
I’ve just got back from the Art Society, it’s so lovely there. I’m still drawing Ian Brown! But now I’m using charcoal on him so it’s looking really good! The people from the Arts Society are so nice though, they’re all 50+ (except from my mum!) so it is abit weird, but they’re really welcoming so all’s good.
Music today must be The Charlatans! They are fantastic and their song ‘’Bullet Comes’’ has been in my head all day! So here is their song! Sorry if it sticks in your head as it has mine :P! … However, they are amazing so enjoyyy!!
Also … such a brilliant picture of the legend himself, Tim Burgess, and Stevie Moore, another awesome singer.
Here’s one of his songs!

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