Hot day, creepy old man ….

Today has been so hot! It’s like a huge heat wave has hit the UK! Soo, me, my mum and my dad all went for a walk around these country lanes; they’re not too far from my house. It really is beautiful round there! We walked for around an hour, and then called off at the pub ^^ then we wandered to my uncles house and sat in the garden for the whole afternoon. It was really nice!
Walking back home this old guy in a red car with its roof down, started staring at me. Obviously, my mum thought he was staring at her, but anyways! He totally winked at me and then revved his car before driving off. I always seem to attract old men! Its gross L
Now I’m sat waiting for a Dominos pizza to arrive! Life is good. It’s also my mum’s birthday tomorrow so that should be fun! Haha, I just read this blog out to my mum and dad and they’re now arguing who the dude winked at! Even my dad is claiming he winked at him O.o … WEIRD!!!
The song for today – Beady Eye, Kill for a Dream. Hope you like this! I’m going to see them in November! So that will be awesome!!  

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