Yesterday, Today … The Future?

Yesterday sucked! Nothing happened except TV, course work and tidying! Yep, I eventually got round to tidying my room. Then after doing so, I watched some episodes of Dexter with my dad! It’s awesome! At around 10:30pm I get a text asking if I wanna go and celebrate my friend’s brother’s birthday at Sub Way! Which I said I’d go. So that was something to look forward too. Then, as soon as I turn out my light to enter the world of nod, my sister texts me asking to get my mum to ring her. So I do and it turns out she’s really ill. Which is bad times! She was on the phone till midnight! But eventually I did get some sleep.
Today, after school, me and my friends all headed off to Sub Way for lunch. It was really hot, so walking there wasn’t so bad. I can’t order at Sub Way, I never know what to do .. it’s so awkward! So I basically copied my friends order. But it was really good! I got a double choc chip cookie too! Then after we’d eaten we all headed off back to mine, sat and watched silly youtube vids for a while and then everyone went home.
So yeah! Overall, today has been pretty cool, but it’s left me tired out, and all I’ve done really is walk in the sun for a little bit! The weather is so good though! It’s like summer has arrived late, I wish it was like this when we were on holiday … -.-
I’m gonna post this video up … its kinda for my sister cause apparently she is my new blog stalker O.o hehe but yeah! It’s very amusing and really cute!
This actually is THE BEST commercial! xD

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Abi’s daily dose of music … S.C.U.M … Such an awesome band! Take a listen C: I’ll blog about them someday soon! Xx

Also! I said I’d let you know about Joseph Coward’s release dates for his new stuff, I’m not sure on the actually date … but I’m led to believe that it is going to be October sometime! Exciting stuff! So yeah, when I find out more I shall let you guys know! Keep listening out for him; he might be doing a mini north UK tour (though this isn’t set in stone, so it may not happen yet!) But go and give him a listen if he is gigging near you! It would be an awesome night. Night guys!!!

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