Photo ….

Oooh, it was the school photos yesterday! I actually managed to have my individual one without curtains!! Good times. But the one where it was the whole year was bad. Firstly we had it outside, and it was quite windy so I bet my hair looks awful! And then all the guys were on the first three rows and they randomly throw me in there with no other girls! Not happy! And the dude behind me kept messing my hair up …. Was very bad haha! But hey! I also found out that my year seven photo is going in the year book which is really bad! I had glasses (Which were huge!) and a mushroom haircut. My nickname at school has been ‘’mushroom’’ ever since even though my hair is kinda long these days! Why is it that all the bad things stick with you hm?
Not much has happened today. Me and my friend were looking at what jobs we could get in the future. We settled on me being a ‘’Honey trap woman’’ and my friend being and ‘’Abseiling window cleaner’’ yeahh!! Good aspirations for our life! The song ‘’Spells A Heartbeat’’ has not been out of my head now for two days! It’s beautiful and Joseph Coward is amazing so I guess I can’t complain! Here is his Myspace page so check him out! Spells A Heartbeat is on there too!
I think my next blog will be about the inspiration for this one! So yeah, keep reading! … Here’s a nice song to finish off this thing! …. C: x
The Charlatans – North Country Boy

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