Life and My Epic Fail

Everything is happening so quickly!! Loads of exams are coming up and there have already been open days to look round sixth forms! I went to one on Saturday and it was really nice! They gave me a brief idea about what I needed to take to keep my options open! But it’s so hard to decide what I want from life right now. I don’t like the idea of growing up, it’s depressing. It doesn’t help that I’m ill either! And it’s our school photos tomorrow, so I’m going to look like a right idiot. I don’t think I’ve ever had a school photo where my fringe hasn’t been split! Bad times, lets hope that changes tomorrow!
Also, I’m now going to start learning the keyboard again. Fun times! My dad got it down from the loft today haha forgot how nice it was. It’s all dusty and looks unloved, so my job for this evening is to clean it up a bit! I can only remember three chords though which is rather lame! But hopefully this will lead onto me writing some of my own music which is kinda exciting.
A new guy I found, well not new but hey!
Morrissey! He is the lead singer from the Smiths! Probably been solo forever but I only found that out today! Very embarrassing that I didn’t know earlier! Haha I feel like such a fail. Anyways, here is one of his songs! He’s awesome!!

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