Crazy Times

Wow, so the past few days have been really hard!  Friday was the last day before my sister left to go to uni. It hadn’t really hit home with me that she was actually leaving, until later Friday night, so Friday day was good! It was my friend, Kirstie’s, Birthday. We celebrated it with taking a cake up to the field at lunch! Was funny though cause it was a really windy day so we couldn’t light the candles. She had to go under a bench to blow them out haha!
The Birthday cake! It was awesome!
Then when I got home, everything was happening. Rach was packing and her boyfriend, Tyrone, was coming round for tea. After tea, the night sorta turned into a party. We put on some nostalgic music and danced in the garden all night! It was really fun.
The morning came around to quick and before I knew it, we were on the road to University. Once we arrived we got the key and went into her little room. It was surprisingly very nice! There’s a desk, a little bathroom and a single bed (that’s really comfy). We got her room all set up and unpacked her food in the kitchen! Then we had a look around the area to get our bearings. We went and got our lunch at a ‘’Yates ‘’ and walked back at her flat- in the rain. When it was time to leave, there were a few tears but everything was okay! We said our last goodbyes and just before we were about to leave her flat mate, Mark, came out of his room. Rach asked him to go and get tea so me, my mum and dad sneaked away quickly.  We got home and that’s when it really sunk in that she’d left! Sad times at the moment, but everything is good and she seems to be going out partying every night with new friends; which is ace! I really do miss her already though!
Then Sunday, not much happened except I slept in and did some homework. Saw my nana and granddad too! But that’s about everything that’s happened this weekend! Sorry for not posting but as you can tell, a lot has happened.
Here’s some music that kinda means a lot to me right now. My sister introduced me to this band a few years back and they’re amazing!
Blue October
Another one of my sisters favourite bands Gogol Bordello! They’re different and crazy! Give them a listen!!
Also, here is one of Tyrone’s friends! He is actually pretty good! Please check him out.
Ben Marwood

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