Not much has happened today apart from school. And what can one write about school? Science was rather odd though. We were told to rub these plastic rods ‘’hard and vigorously’’ by our teacher (to make them go static … or something along those lines). Well, how can you do that without it looking the slightest bit wrong? It was quite funny; you could tell everyone was feeling awkward!
We have double science on a Monday, which is split by break, so when we returned to class everyone was handed a balloon- I hate balloons! They go right through me. Anyhow, we were told to blow it up and make it stick to the wall. I think only one person in the class managed to get theirs to stick, which is kinda lame, and the rest of the 30 odd balloons, we were told to burst. So everyone was bursting their balloons and I was just sat there flinching in the corner at every bang haha, it was a silly lesson. We also had PE today, worst thing ever – the cooper run. We had to run around the sports hall for 12 minutes without stopping. It killed me, though I got 25 laps which is quite good!
So yeah! My science lesson was the highlight of the day, nothing else has really happened. I’ve come home from school and just chilled. Listened to ‘’The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’’ and shortly I’ll be off to bed!
I’ll post one of their tunes for you to listen too and that’s about that! Night guys C: x
                                  The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

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