First Blog! … Music?

Hi! I’m Abi, and this is my first ever blog! Here I’ll be writing about things that I have done or seen recently that have inspired me or things that I just think are pretty cool. I’ll probably go on about a lot of random and irrelevant stuff and I hope to post some of my art work up here too!

At the moment music is a huge part of my life. Unlike most fifteen year olds I’m not into ‘Justin Bieber’ or ‘Bruno Mars’ no, I’d say I was into ‘Indie’ (though I don’t like to classify myself under any labels!!). A huge inspiration to me over the past few years has been The Charlatans, a 90’s Madchester band that have been through and seen a lot of stuff. Whatever problems went their way, they saw it through and overcame it whilst producing some truly amazing music! Front man, Tim Burgess, did some solo work – which again is amazing – and also formed a band/group called ”The Chavs” with Carl Barât. Recently, he has come together with Nik Void (from Factory Floor), Nick Fraser and Jim Spencer to create a new record label called ”O’Genesis’. There they’ve signed a few bands (EIOH, The Replicas) and solo artist Joseph Coward.

I went to The Charlatans gig a couple of weeks back and their support acts were the Replicas and Joseph Coward! It was so awesome; I got to meet Tim Burgess and Mark Collins (The Charlatans guitarist). Joseph Coward performed his single ‘Jesus Christ’ and the Replicas played ‘Open Arms’. Over all it was such a magic night!

I would totally recommend you check out The Charlatans, if you haven’t already heard of them, and definitely take a look at Joseph Coward!
I’ll post a few of their songs up for you to listen too!!

                                                      The Charlatans!

Joseph Coward!

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